The general advice of the Danish Health Authorities applies equaly to drug users, homeless and other vulnerabel groups. Wash your hands frequently or sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, not your hands. Limit physical contact – avoid handshakes, refuse kisses on the cheek and avoid hugging. If you are older or have a chronic illness, avoid crowds of people and advise others to be aware of your condition. Read more here:

Spcific advice for drug users

Drug users use drugs, corona-times or not. Not least the majority of vulnerable drug users who are not connected with treatment services. Users often have a poor health and are therefore at particular risk if infected by a virus.

Here are some tips on how drug users can avoid becoming infected themselves and avoid infecting others:

  • Use as little as possible to prevent OD
  • Do not share syringes and needles, cookers, pipes, vaporizers, joints, sniff tubes or water.
  • If possible, get a stock of syringes, needles and drugs etc. Get as much as you can get as quickly as possible. It may become hard to get drugs at all. Be ready.
  • Clean the drug bags (zipper-bags / zip lock bags), before opening them. Wash your hands again, before preparing and taking the drugs.
  • Avoid putting drug bags in your mouth, anus or vagina. If you have to store drugs in your body’s cavity anyway, clean the bags both before and after.
  • Prepare your own drugs and avoid contact with the drugs and equipment of others.
  • If possible, stay home as much as you can. Keep your distance when in company with others (1,5 meters+).
  • Are you in medical treatment, try to get your medication for a longer period, from your clinic/center, and take very good care of the medicine you get.
  • Hope that the police understands the severity of the situation, from a drug users’ perspective, and therefore will avoid creating a situation, where they confiscate your drugs, and that they understand why you have to carry more than you usually do.
  • If you think you are infected or have symptoms, keep even more distance. For example, do not go in to get tools or medicine. Rather ask others to pick it up for you. Or order your tools here: 24 52 24 42.